Upright Pianos

Mod. 133 - Concert

Feurich model 133 concert upright

A brand new model from the innovative Feurich team, this powerful full-size concert upright is suitable for any music student or professional. Soft-close fall as standard. Price £5600

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Grand pianos

Mod. 178 - Professional II

Feurich model 178 grand

The best and most affordable grand piano under 6 feet, the Feurich model 178 grand offers a rich musical tone and excellent touch for only £10,300 (black) or £10,650 (mahogany or white). The 178 has a distinctive European tone and was voted the best grand for under €30,000 by the prestigious French magazine Diapason.

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Piano rentals

Mod. 122 - Universal, nussbaum sat.

Upright Piano Rental

High quality upright pianos available for short or long term rental. Prices from as little as £25 per month. Brand new award-winning Feurich model 122 uprights, from £59 per month. Also available is the stunning new Feurich model 115 upright for only £49/month brand new. Our rental stock consists of new or nearly new high [...]

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